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Meet The Chef

Catering Chef

Mrs.Diane Wilson

After losing my mom at the age of 8, I knew then my life was going to change. My great-grandmother wasn’t playing that though, so she put me in the kitchen. I knew I had to take care of my three brothers, my sister, and my dad. I learned to cook at a young age and I absolutely loved it. You see cooking soulfood has to be in your gut, and baking has to be your passion. I knew over the years that my purpose was in life, baking, and cooking. These are the gifts that God planted inside of me, and I chose to use my gifts. 


When I was 55 years of age I decided I wanted to go back to school in culinary. Well, guess what? I was the oldest one there in a class of 20 people, and when I completed school only 5 others had graduated alongside me. In 2016 I received my Pastry Chef degree, and it didn’t stop there.  

In 2018 God woke me up at 3:00 am, with the idea of cake jars. He showed me what flavors to use, what size jars, he showed me everything. That same day, I called my daughter Nicole and told her about the dream. She told me to simply “Do it”, so I took off! My husband bought me a food truck, and everything fell into place. And here we are two years strong D’s Soulfood and Pastries  home of the cake jars and soulfood Sundays!

Cheesecake Jars
Home Based Chef
Cake jars
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